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If you've made your way to this page or were directed here, you've either been through our Wageloch Certified Consultant training or came in here to find out what this is all about.

You're welcome to reach out if you'd like more information about Wageloch Certified by contacting Wageloch Sales or Helpdesk.


What is Wageloch Certified?

Wageloch Certified is a program directed at accountants or bookkeepers who are looking to:

  • Understand Wageloch on a deeper level for the purposes of payroll processing and bookkeeping.
  • Find out more about tools and functions available in Wageloch.
  • Encourage their clients to use a rostering, time and attendance system for wage compliance.
  • Assist clients managing their staff effectively and aligning pays to legislative award
  • Easy and effective reporting.
  • Save time and effort!

Becoming Wageloch Certified means you and your client:

Receive priority assistance from the Wageloch Helpdesk; a team highly recognized for their knowledge and support -real people in real time.

Be part of our Referral Program, allowing you to earn rewards for yourself and your business when referring new clients.

Being partners with MYOB, Xero, Reckon and other third-party providers, we can keep you in the know with latest product updates, features and integrations.

In addition to being listed as a Wageloch Partner on our website, the Wageloch Certified Consultant directory will help Wageloch clients find you and connect with your business.

We’ll make sure that both yourself and your clients get the most out of Wageloch to provide more options and the best service.

Why become a Wageloch Certified Consultant?

As a Wageloch Certified Consultant you will have the opportunity to grow and prosper both yours and your client’s business with Wageloch and help you connect with new clients.

Wageloch is a simple, single platform that automates all your rostering, staffing, time and attendance tasks – your way.

Being Wageloch Certified means you can confidently advise your clients on efficient ways to manage their rostering, timesheets and payroll processes to save them both time and money while also making your life easier with a consistent and efficient system to help manage timesheets and payroll for your clients.

With flexible clocking methods such as biometrics, kiosks, or the Wageloch Mobile App, assisting your clients with payroll compliance and timekeeping has never been easier!

Wageloch is workforce management made easy, all designed with your business in mind. While we’re based in Australia, supporting local companies, and having solid knowledge of award legislation, we also now support clients in New Zealand.

Why use Wageloch?



Timeline and Expectations

- Fast turn around: 2 weeks; providing both your client and our implementation managers have consistent, fast response times.
- Average around: 4 - 8 weeks; commences from signature of agreement to first live payroll.

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Payroll Integrations

While we typically work with the primary payroll systems of MYOB, Xero, Reckon and Keypay/Quickbooks, we do integrate with other payroll systems as well!

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Managing Staff Information

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Wageloch HR


Wageloch for your Clients

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Extra Wageloch Functions

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