Keypay Integration

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Obtaining your API Key

Keypay/Quickbooks Online

To integrate with Wageloch, you’ll need to obtain your API Key. Please follow the steps below.

  • Log into Keypay/QuickBooks
  • Click on the Employees tab and then Settings
  • At the bottom of the settings tab, you will be able to see your payroll API Key
  • Copy your API key and temporarily pop it in a Notepad document.

Keypay-qb.png Keypay-qb-api.png

Keypay/Employment Hero

If you are logging in through Keypay/Employment Hero:

  • Click the users name on the top right of the screen then choose My Account.
  • Select Account Details from the left menu
  • At the bottom of the screen, there will be an API Key field
  • Copy your API key and temporarily pop it in a Notepad document.

Keypay-eh-account.png Keypay-eh-api.png

Establish API Connection

  • Open Wageloch and sign in
  • Click the Settings cog; select Payroll then Payroll Connection.
  • Under the Credentials tab, enter (copy/paste) your Keypay API Key.

Keypay-connection.png Keypay-wl-api.png

Select Keypay File

  • Click the Company Files tab.
  • Click the business or site name under the Store heading
  • Select from the drop menu to find the appropriate company file.
  • Click Done to save your file selection.
  • Click Done again to save your API Key and file.

Keypay-comp-select.png Keypay-file-select.png Keypay-comp-save.png

Payroll Mappings

  • Click the Settings cog; Select Payroll and Payroll Mappings
  • Select the Pay group you wish to map
  • Link the Timesheet Columns for Wageloch to the appropriate pay category in KeyPay.
  • Complete this for each pay group and row.
  • Click Done to save your changes.
  • Click OK to acknowledge the Save prompt.

Payroll-mappings.png Keypay-mapping.png Keypay-category.png

Import/Update Staff

  • Click the Settings cog; select Staff >> Import >> Staff
  • Your Data Format will always be Keypay; click the Download Staff button.

Keypay-staff-import.png Keypay-down-staff.png

  • This connects to Keypay and will load your staff list:
    • If you have new staff in Keypay that do not exist in Wageloch, they will appear as Blue.
    • Be sure to select their Pay Group from the drop menu available.
    • If you’re updating existing staff between Keypay and Wageloch; they will appear as Green.


  • Select the staff you wish to import using the tick box on the left side.
  • Once all staff are selected, click Import Staff in the bottom right.
  • You’ll receive a prompt asking to confirm the import; Click Yes.
  • Once complete, you’ll be advise that the import was successful. Click OK to exit.

Keypay-import-done.png Keypay-staff-import1.png