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Wageloch has a series of reports that have been categorized for easy-to-find information in bulk relating to staff information, pays, rosters and more.
Thankfully most of the reports follow a simple configuration structure; pick a date range, pick what you want to see in the report via each tab and generate it - everything can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further customization or editing as required.

The tabled list of reports that are available are further down in this article - there are plenty to choose from and you can even save a report with some selections as a Favourite to use again later!

Can't find a report that you're after, or maybe there's one but not in the correct format? Have a chat with Helpdesk and let us know what your requirements are.

NOTE: When staff are terminated, their information is archived and hidden but still available for reporting purposes.

HR Reports

The reports that fall under the HR category work mostly with analysis of data for staff both active and terminated, leave booked/taken, active accrual balances and more.

Staff List Generates a list of staff (active/terminated) with all contact information and basic details about their employment.
Staff with Qualifications If Qualifications are enabled, you can run a comprehensive report of who has qualifications, their attainment and expiry if applicable.
Leave Report Has the ability to look backwards in time at leave taken over a period of time, or look forward in time for leave booked in advance.
Accruals Report Allows you to view a list of who has what accruals and their current balances. A liability report can also be run, giving an estimate of the cost of said balances.
Staff with Leave Template Should you have created [Leave Templates] this report will show who has one created for them.
Projected Long Service Leave Provides the ability to forecast LSL availability based on employee start date and eligibility.
Graphical Analysis Shows visible graphs on demographics of employees such as gender, employment basis, tenure and turnover.
Staff with Clock In Password If an employee has been enabled to use a password instead of another clocking method, they would be visible in this report.
Staff Entitlements If you utilize allowances in your award, Staff Entitlements will who who is entitled to what allowances or benefits.
Unavailability Report If you're using Unavailability for staff, this report allows you to view both historical and future data to ensure staff availability is fair and flexible.
Export Staff to File Generates a file with all staff information.
Staff Turnover Analysis Will display turnover details (both termination and employment) information for a period of time based on employee start/termination dates.
Excessive Leave Provides a report for excessive leave in a duration of time, i.e. 3 instances of Personal Leave in a week, etc.
The BOOT Report "Better Off Overall Test" provides a comparison report based on a previous timesheet for an employee's current award and hourly rate compared to a different award/rate. Great for revisions to employment agreements.

Rostered Hours

The reports that fall under the Rostered Hours banner analyse data based off roster information. This can be useful to run reports for periods of time to find out estimated costs for each roster period, department or even individual staff members.

Roster Hours
Rosters Hours/Times Allows you to grab a quick snapshot of either how many hours were rostered each day, or the shift times in bulk for a date range.
Roster Times vs Paid Times Provides a report showing what shifts were rostered vs what was paid in the timesheet. Great for pay disputes and queries.
Roster Budget by Timesheet Column Generates an estimate of how many hours were rostered and how they break down according to the award/timesheet columns. Include Paid Values for a cost estimate.
Shift Accept and Decline Report If you have enabled Roster Shift Confirmation, this report will show which staff have accepted or declined their published rosters.
Roster Times vs Clock Times Compares rostered shift times vs actual clock times logged by staff. Fantastic for ensuring staff are on time for their rostered shifts.
Roster Budget Report Based on the roster period or date range selected, will show estimated costs per person, per day, per week and total for the business.
Budget Management Report Generates a report with rostered staff and times, staff count, leave, total hours rostered and estimated cost.
Staff Counts by Hour Breaks down your roster into days, and the rostered staff count per day and hour.

Clock Times

The report within Clock Times base information primarily off staff clock times to provide further information such as attendance logs, records of locations (mobile clock times) and general analysis.

Clock Times
Who's Here Simple report of who has clocked in for today.
Clock Times vs Paid Times Generates a comparison report of when the staff member clocked in, and what they were paid for in the timesheet.
Clock Times by Department and Role Report that generates similarly to Print Clock Times, but is grouped by assigned Departments and Roles.
Print Clock Times Allows you to print all clock times for a date range - good for ensuring staff are clocking in/out for their shifts.
Clock Times vs Roster Times Compares rostered shifts vs clock times - perfect for checking attendance.
Mobile Clock Times by Department and Role If Mobile Clocking has been enabled, this report focuses on the location, department and role. Similar to Clock Times by Department and Role, but mobile clocking users only.

Timesheet Hours

Most of the information found within Timesheet Hours reports work off historical data for timesheet periods that have already passed, however you can also use some reports on timesheets that have yet to be exported to payroll.

The detail found in these reports can be used on active/terminated staff, and can be customized based on the selections you make through the report generation process.

Timesheet Hours
Timesheet Report Provides timesheet breakdown for a previous pay period - the same information on your Pre-Submit summary. Can also be used on an incomplete timesheet.
Clock Times vs Paid Times Generates a comparison report of when the staff member clocked in, and what they were paid for in the timesheet.
Pays Management Report Generates a report with paid staff and times, staff count, leave, total hours paid and actual cost.
Pays Summary Simple summary report of how many hours were worked and the cost of those hours.
Staff Summary by Timesheet Gives the same information as the Timesheet Report, but without the daily breakdown for each employee.
Average Hourly Staff Costs Provides information based on timesheet data of the average hourly staff costs based on the amount and cost of staff for each hour worked.
Job Costing Similar information as the Timesheet Report, but can be used to get actual department or role costings which is excellent if you use job codes or classes in payroll.
Roster Times vs Paid Times Provides a report showing what shifts were rostered vs what was paid in the timesheet. Great for pay disputes and queries.
Pays Hours/Times A simple report providing information on the amount of hours that were paid out, or can be changed to show the shift times.
Timesheet Notes If any Daily Notes have been left on a timesheet day, this report will provide a record of any notes for a timesheet period or duration of time.
Staff Costs by Hour Gives a report with the average cost per hour based on hourly rate and number of staff working.
Confirmed Days Report that shows what days for your timesheet have been finalized, and if any days have yet to be completed. Great for managing team leaders/department heads responsible for finalizing their own team's timesheets.


If we've walked you through how to manually input sales data, or if your Point of Sale is integrated with Wageloch, this area will be extremely useful at looking at historical data based off hours and wages. This can help with roster forecasting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis depending on your needs.

Sales Report Generates a report for Sales based on either daily, weekly or monthly calculations. Shows Projections vs Actual.
Sales and Wages Shows total sales vs total wages spent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, how many hours were worked and how many staff were on for each day.
Sales and Wages Graphs Runs comparison graphs between Sales and Wages for the period selected and the previous year (if data available).

Staff Portal

If you have completed the Setup & Configuration for the Wageloch Mobile App and Staff Portal, this section of the Reports area will become available to you. Need to know how often someone is requesting Saturday nights off, or analyse how often someone is submitting leave for every other Wednesday? This area is for you.

Staff Portal
Leave Request Report Generates a report on what type of leave was requested, when it was for, the leave type, as well as if it was approved or declined and who by.
Dismissed Notifications Through the Message Centre, you can send notifications to the Mobile App and Staff Portal. The report will show who has seen and dismissed your notifications.
Unavailability Request Report Generates a report on when unavailabilities were submitted, what date range and if it was approved or declined and who by.
Daily Staff Notes from Staff via Portal If you have allowed staff to leave notes for you from the App/Portal, this report will generate all notes left by staff for a duration of time.

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