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Booking Your Appointment

During the stages of setting up Wageloch with one of our implementation managers, they will arrange booking a training session with our training specialist. They'll ask a series of questions to better gauge how the training should be presented, and any particular settings to be arranged prior to the day.
Training appointments are typically booked in the morning or afternoon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and are subject to availability.

Things to consider when booking

  • Who will be attending the training session?
  • What are their responsibilities?
  • What access would you like them to have? (i.e. seeing financial information, staff details, etc.)

These sessions take approximately 90 minutes, and we do ask that this time be uninterrupted. We do understand that this is not always possible, please be aware this may draw out the length of the appointment.
We always recommend to ask questions!

Appointment Confirmation

Our Wageloch training specialist will send an email after the appointment has been booked to confirm the date and time, provide supplementary documents that will assist with setting up the rosters and timesheets. We also send a user guide for the Wageloch Mobile App, an optional extra included in your subscription that allows staff to view rosters, apply for leave, submit availability and more.

We encourage you to read the Training Preparation document which will set expectations of what will happen during the appointment, as some options that can be configured to better suit your business needs.

Training Session

During your training session, the training specialist will cover the following topics:

  • How to contact us through the question mark ?
  • Settings to configure how the system will behave
  • Booking Leave and Unavailability whether it's approving requests from the Wageloch Mobile App or manual bookings.
  • Creating Rosters to show you how to create, edit and publish a roster from scratch.
  • Completing Timesheets so you know how to review, modify and finalize timesheet days prior to your first payroll appointment.
  • Wageloch Mobile App if you would like staff to apply for leave, availability, check their rosters or clock in/out for their shifts.

Post Training

After your appointment, our training specialist will send an additional email with some "homework" to complete, with basic summaries of what needs to happen.

There will be a customized list of Required things to do to get Wageloch up and running, and Optional tools that can help improve your processes.

If possible, each topic will have a link back to our user guides for detailed steps.

Follow Up

Within 2 weeks:
After your training, a member from Helpdesk will contact you to discuss the Wageloch Mobile app and Staff Portal, if it wasn't configured during the training session.
We encourage managers and staff to use this wonderful tool, as it provides your team with autonomy to view their rosters, apply for leave, clock in/out, and other optional features.
You can find more information on the Using The App page.

3 months later:
At this point you've been using Wageloch for a few months; completed multiple rosters and timesheets, had a couple of payroll exports, perhaps created some leave and availability. We'll give you a call and/or email to find out how you're doing, if you have any questions, concerns or want to provide any feedback.

Even though you've been through your integration, training and payroll, our Helpdesk is always here to assist you - please don't hesitate to call Wageloch Helpdesk for assistance.

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