Software Overview

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With Wageloch employee rostering software, it’s easy to make better staffing and budgeting decisions.

We set it up to match your award and pay rules, so you can get a clearer and more accurate view of shifts and costs in real time. And that’s just the beginning!

Easy and Intuitive
Designed with you in mind, our easy employee rostering system features click-and-drag and coloured bars. So you can quickly spot and fill gaps – especially when rostering across many departments.

Awards Your Way
We plug in your award and pay rules, so you can make more accurate forecasting and budgeting decisions days and weeks before people work – not after. And if someone is sick or needs to swap shifts, you can see at a glance what it will cost to cover them. That’s what makes Wageloch one of the most intelligent staff rostering systems on the market.

POS Integration
Our employee rostering system easily integrates with many POS (point of sale) systems. We can even configure it to track wage percentage data. So you have greater flexibility to manage rostered staff, organise timesheets, program scheduled shifts and cap costs.

Flexible Access
With our smart shift planning software, you can give your team updates and instant access to rosters via email, SMS and online. And with the mobile staff rostering app, you can let your team know when a shift needs to be filled or covered – and they can take it. That means less time and hassle finding someone to cover.

Automated Alerts
Worried about budget blowouts or breaching regulations? Wageloch Alerts has you covered. It flags rostering issues or conflicts with your rostering manager, such as overtime, unavailability, expired certifications, and legal or industrial relations restrictions.

Local, Friendly Support
Need training or troubleshooting our roster scheduling software? We’re always here to help. You can speak to someone locally, in real time, any time you need a hand – and well beyond your first payroll cycle.