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Welcome to the Wageloch User Guides!

If you know what you're after, type your query into the Search box in the top right corner of the site or use our AI chatbot Hugo in the bottom right and ask a question. Otherwise, click one of the links below to get started with our curated content.

Please note that these articles are being regularly updated, improved and created - if a page stated it's in development, you could not find the information you're needing or you require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Helpdesk

Getting Started

Have you just commenced your subscription with Wageloch and would like to know more about how we get your business set up? Find all the information you need below.

  • Software Overview is a brief explanation of how Wageloch will help with your rostering, time and attendance for workforce management.
  • Implementation will discuss the process of speaking with our implementation managers, organizing your timeline, and fine tuning your Wageloch system configuration.
  • Award Setup will explain the award template you'll be sent, how to fill it out and what information we need.
  • Training explains the basics that you'll learn in your training session and how we can adjust this to meet the needs of your business.

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System Integrations

Wageloch integrates with a wide range of payroll systems to assist with making your timesheet exports quick, easy and accurate.
If you do not see your payroll software in the Other Payroll Integrations list, please contact Wageloch Helpdesk to discuss your options.

We also integrate with a series of Point of Sales systems (POS) which can help you import sales or gross profit (GP) into Wageloch for Sales vs Wages comparisons.

Myob-button-new.png Xero-button-new.png Reckon-button-new.png Keypay.png Sys-integration.png

Initial Setup

Learn how to set up admin users, create your password for the first time, select your clocking method and walk through how to get staff clocking in/out!

Users-security.png Create-password.png Clocking-methods.png

Wageloch Core Basics

Want to change some of the way things work in Wageloch, learn to manage leave and availability, create rosters, finalize your timesheets or set up the Wageloch Mobile App? All the information you need is in the categories below.

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Payroll & HR

Within these topics you'll find information on managing staff details, pay rates and levels, how to use our Onboarding tools and details about Wageloch HR.

Managing-staff-info-new.png Pay-levels-button.png Onboarding-button-new.png Wl-hr-button-new.png

Advanced Features

Want to learn how to use Wageloch to its full potential? Learn about some of our additional features to help make your rostering, timesheets and reporting easier. You'll be able to find a lot of these articles in their parent category in Wageloch Core Basics, but you're welcome to go direct to the source!

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New-reports-button.png Add-manual-times-new.png Tasks-wicon.png Roster-shift-conf.png Message-centre-wicon.png

About Wageloch

Learn about the company, general information about the software, our policies and where to find us!

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